Repair & Maintenance of air conditioning


Air conditioning, heating and ventilation system of a vehicle is a comfort element that contributes to your safety because it improves driver's visibility, especially in rainy season. At Point S, our experts are qualified for your air conditioning services: maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Discover how to diagnostic a wear air conditioning.


Air conditioning services

Air conditioning circuit is complex and consists in several filters and mechanical parts. That is why it is advised to let experts repair your air conditioning and heating. Indeed, our experts carry out the interventions in accordance with the environmental code and the safety rules.

From recharging your air conditioning to replacing the desiccant filter, our specialists diagnose any mechanical and hydraulic malfunction of a refrigerant circuit, or electrical malfunction of a regulated air conditioning.

And because your comfort while driving should not be a matter of budget, we offer our services at a competitive price.


How does the air conditioning of a vehicle work?

The air conditioning of your car (or other vehicle) has to be efficient enough to cool both the inside of your vehicle while aspiring the outside hot air and cool it with refrigerant liquid from your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning works on the same principle as a refrigerator. When the fluid passes from the liquid state to the gaseous state, it creates cold. It provides more comfort because your car interior stays cool even in the middle of the summer!

We maintain and replace each of the following components of your air conditioning system:
  • Evaporator
  • Bottle-filter desydrateur
  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Regulator
  • Tubing


4 signs that show your air conditioning system needs to be fixed

We advise you to make your air conditioning checked if you notice one or several signs of wear explained below:


Your air conditioner smells bad

Nothing is worse than feeling a malodorant air diffused in the interior of your car without being able to open the window because of the hot temperature in summer. You don't have to choose between stench air and being burnt by the sun! The stench air is probably due to a bad hygiene of your air conditioning system. In that case, you should consult for applying an "anti-bacteria" treatment to get rid of mushrooms, dust or bacteria.


Air conditioner doesn't get rid of fog from windows

Despite the air conditioning, fog appears on your windows. It means that the air conditioning doesn't fulfill its task of getting rid of moistures in the interior of your vehicle because the air is not cold enough. In that respect, you should pay attention to the level of refrigerant fluid in the system.


Your air conditioner doesn't cool your vehicle

If you feel that the air is not cold enough and the temperature doesn't decrease, it means that your air conditioning is simply not working. It is probably because of a lack of refrigerant fluid: a diagnosis is recommended.


Air conditioner's ventilation is low

If the ventilation of the interior of you vehicle is low, it means that the air is not getting through properly. Your passenger compartment filter has to be changed.


When to check your air conditioning?

Point S advises you to have your air conditioning checked every year before the first heat, so as not to encounter any problem on holiday or during rainy season.

For your comfort, it is necessary to:
  • Recharge the air conditioning circuit every 2 years
  • Replace the desiccant filter every 4 years
Every year, about 20% of the refrigerant fluid evaporates naturally, so it is necessary to check the level of this fluid. Checking your air conditioning system is part of your car maintenance.
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